Florida Supernatural Convention

This blog will be updated with any information concerning the possibility of a non-Creation Entertainment-run con located in Florida.

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I’m not active in the Supernatural fandom anymore.

If you would like to take over this blog, message me.

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bxffysummers asked: This is a really great idea that you have come up with! I would love to go to a con all about SPN here! There's not many things to do fandom wise in Florida besides MegaCon in Orlando. I'm going to try to go to that this year and if I see any SPN fans I'll make sure to tell them about you. (If you even check your blog still, I see you haven't updated in months.)


I haven’t thought about this blog/idea in a while, but it’s still something I’d love to do. I’ll do some more research about vvenues and such and see what I find. :D

So guys



What if I actually started trying to organize some comic cosplay groups for Florida (particularly Northern Florida, but open to all)

I seem to have a few people interested

Groups I’m thinking about:

  • YJ (comics and show)
  • Bat family
  • JLI
  • The Rogues

I am so super serious about the Rogues it’s not even funny


I don’t know why I need this so badly but I do

I really do

Maybe we should do some goddamn Saiyuki.

dream-filled-days asked: Okay I love what you are trying to do! I have always wanted a SPN con to come to Florida. I love supernatural and am so glad you are doing this, count me in. :) Not a question, sorry.

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: is this about the tv show supernatural or just supernatural in general?

The television show. Sorry for the confusion.

I want to put together a Florida Supernatural Fan Meetup.


Which would sort of be like a convention only it would be shorter and free and there would be no guests and less attendees.

But we could watch our favorite episodes and play drinking games and have a scavenger hunt and have srs and not so srs discussions and play some music and take silly pictures and IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

#and then maybe after a couple of meetups and some funding it could become an actual convention and it would be the best

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Please leave a message in our ask box if you are serious about wanting to help set up a SPN con in Florida.


  • You must live in Florida. Or very close to Florida. (Unless you’re planning to move here soon, or would be willing to spend a lot of time down here if we actually get this thing off the ground.)


  • The more convention experience you have, the better. It doesn’t matter if it’s SPN cons, or anime cons, or any other kind of con, if you’ve either been to a lot of conventions, or worked them (Or both!), we want you.
  • Do you know people who have put together or worked a convention or two before? Those kinds of contacts can be very handy.